Bill Clinton Goes Mild

Never before has an ex-president dealt with such a role reversal. Suddenly, it is Hillary Clinton in the headlines trotting the globe and meeting with foreign heads of state. So, how is Bill dealing with life in the Obama era? Without any regrets, apparently. A new article in The New York Times Magazine portrays a Bill Clinton at peace with all the mudslinging and betrayals of the Democratic primary, (with the exception of a select few: Caroline and Ted Kennedy, as well as Bill Richardson) and his new role outside of the spotlight. Clinton does not get involved with executive affairs anymore, instead focusing on his successful charity work. He enjoys the company of some of the wealthiest people in the world and makes a point to pick up gifts for his friends' wives and girlfriends when abroad. The only problem with his new role? “I can’t always get hold of (Hillary)," Clinton said, "They changed all her phone numbers."