Bill Clinton Calls Out Ahmadinejad

President Obama's tough view on Iran after the revelation that the country concealed a nuclear facility is "exactly the right thing" to do, according to former President Bill Clinton. The 42nd president added in an interview with CNN that news of the nuclear facility could help put pressure on Iran to cut a deal and end its standoff with the international community. However, he warned that Iranian President Ahmadinejad was not trustworthy. "You can't believe what Ahmadinejad said," he said. Clinton backed a cautious approach regarding troop levels in Afghanistan, where generals are requesting more resources, saying that the disputed Afghan election may need to play out before the president can figure out what strategy to pursue. In the same interview, Clinton said he has changed his perspective on gay marriage and now believes it should be left to individual states. "I believe historically, for two hundred and something years, marriage has been a question left to the states and the religious institutions," Clinton said.