Bikers Roar In for Obama

Rick Warren, beware: Obama’s inaugural celebrations coincide with the 25th annual gay fetishists’ bash in the capital. Leather Weekend 2009, a four-day festival of all things gay, leather, rubber, and denim, is designed for "men with an enthusiastic interest in motorcycles, leather, and other men" and is expected to draw an enthusiastic crowd of up to 3,000 gay bikers, according to Centaur Motorcycle Club spokesman Larry Barat. The leather crowd was oblivious of the main event when they made their arrangements. "Had we known it was going to be such a busy weekend, we might have scheduled otherwise," said Barat, who thought “some people will be attending both.” Seems like Obama will be a no-show. "Let's just say it's likely the president-elect will be occupied with many other activities," said transition spokeswoman Linda Douglass.