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Big Donors Miffed at DNC

The Democratic National Committee’s biggest donors are peeved at the White House because they haven’t been getting enough love, Politico reports. In fact, though the most obvious reason for Desiree Rogers’ departure as White House social secretary was the infamous gatecrashers incident, another reason for her ousting was grumbling from fundraisers. See, some donors did not even get a Christmas card this year (an offense that is clearly worth risking the loss of a congressional majority). A mere 10 percent of the 150 top donors maxed out last year, giving $30,400 in donations. The DNC is still raising money at a rapid rate, pulling in $30 million more than during the last midterm season in 2005, and has a rare cash advantage over its Republican counterpart. Under George W. Bush, the Republican National Committee was able to raise much more for midterms, but under current Chairman Michael Steele, it’s not doing as well.