Biden Will ‘Reach Out’ If Trump Wins

Vice President Joe Biden said in an interview with CNN released Saturday that he’d accept a Donald Trump victory with grace – but he’s praying that won’t happen. Despite saying the Republican nominee is “fully unqualified” to be president, Biden said that “no matter who wins, I’ll reach out” after the election on Nov. 8. He went on to add, “I pray that doesn’t happen. I want Hillary to be president.” Biden also commented on his earlier controversial remarks about “taking Trump behind a gym” in light of his lewd comments about women. “I was making a point,” Biden said. "I think it's insulting to say ... that we talk like that. This is not ‘locker room talk.’ ... If somebody in the locker room talked that way, and your sister's outside with her friends, you know what you do. You know what you do. You don't let it go on.”