Biden Speaks at Gay Fundraiser

In an apparent attempt to smooth over the Obama administration’s relations with the gay community, Vice President Joe Biden spoke Thursday morning at an LGBT fundraiser for the Democratic National Committee. Citing Obama’s slowness at fulfilling campaign promises—including repealing Don’t Ask Don’t Tell and the Defense of Marriage Act—several prominent and deep-pocketed Democrats boycotted the meeting, and protesters harangued gay Representatives Tammy Baldwin, Barney Frank, and Jared Polis for being “Gay Uncle Toms.” Nonetheless, Biden spoke passionately about the president’s commitment to making good on his promises. "I don't blame you for your impatience," Biden said during his 20-minute speech. "I hope you don't doubt the president's commitment.” According to several reports, Biden received several standing ovations, and he concluded with a daring statement about gender inequality: "I promise you with your help we'll get there in this administration,” adding that if it is achieved, “I will have marked my term as vice president as being truly worthwhile."