Biden Plays White House Enforcer

Joe Biden may be best known for his many colorful campaign gaffes, but he's turning out to be Obama's right-hand man in the midst of Rahm Emanuel’s departure and the arrival of the new Republicans in Congress. Biden led a two-hour session last week with House Democrats, trying to convince the furious members to vote for the president's tax deal with Republicans. When one suggested Obama had become the "negotiator in chief," Biden said: "There’s no goddamned way I’m going to stand here and talk about the president like that.” Biden was a crucial force behind the tax deal, coming up with the idea to negotiate and working hard to persuade Democrats to come along. Rep. Anthony Weiner (D-N.Y.), who had called the President “negotiator in chief,” said, "Biden brings everything that Rahm Emanuel brings, but the major difference is everyone likes Joe Biden."