Biden Attacks Romney

Looks like Joe Biden isn’t letting all the criticism over his Newsweek stop him from getting some jabs in at Mitt Romney. Biden attacked Romney on Friday in an editorial in the Des Moines Register, saying Romney had “misled voters.” “How can anyone forget the economic catastrophe brought on by the same policies Mr. Romney’s proposing,” Biden wrote. The Obama re-election campaign has attacked Newt Gingrich recently, but has focused much of their efforts on Romney, who has been presumed to be the Republican nominee. Biden criticized one of Romney’s speeches on Tuesday that said the government had become too involved in health care, finance, energy, and other industries—which, Romney claims, has led to overspending. Romney on Wednesday took a swipe at Biden’s comments to Newsweek, saying that they were “one of the strangest comments ever to be uttered from the lips of a vice-president.”