Biden and Cheney Trade Barbs

The gloves came off as two vice presidents went head to head Sunday morning. On Meet the Press, Vice President Joe Biden said that Dick Cheney—who has repeatedly taken aim at the Obama administration's stance on national security—is "misinformed or he is misinforming." Cheney, who has implied that the U.S. was safer under his administration, is "trying to rewrite history," according to Biden. "Where was he the last four years?" Biden went on to cite the current administration's progress, including eliminating 12 of al Qaeda's top 20 terrorists. Meanwhile, on ABC's This Week, Cheney called Biden's opinions on terror and Iraq "dead wrong," saying that the current administration has a passive, pre-9/11 approach to terrorism. Yet he added: "I'm a complete supporter of what they are doing in Afghanistan... I'm not a critic." He also voiced support for the repeal of Don't Ask, Don't Tell. Biden got the last word, however, with an appearance on CBS' Face the Nation. "The worry is legitimate," he said. "The reason why I do not think it’s likely because of all the resources we have put on this, considerably more than the last administration, to see that it will not happen."