Biden All Smiles Abroad

While former Vice President Dick Cheney could only "muster a sinister looking grin" on trips abroad, current VP Joe Biden seems to really be enjoying himself, the BBC reports. He "just never stops smiling," the British press point out, even as "he shook the hands of a never-ending stream of Ukrainian and Georgian politicians. And it looked genuine—not the usual diplomatic grab and grin." He's also showed sincere enthusiasm while playing the role of tourist on his trip to Eastern Europe, calling Ukrainian women "the most beautiful in the world." Following in the footsteps of Teddy Roosevelt, who famously defined American diplomacy in the words "speak softly and carry a big stick," Biden seems to have his own doctrine: "smile broadly and give them a prod." Amid all the pleasantries, Biden has issued a tough message, encouraging the leaders of Georgia to increase transparency, and the Ukraine to focus on shoring up the support of its people to join NATO.