Bernie May Be Bumped Off D.C. Ballot

When Washington, D.C., residents go to vote in the June 14 Democratic presidential primary, Bernie Sanders might not appear on the ballot. The District of Columbia Democratic Party submitted the required paperwork one day too late—despite Sanders’ campaign paying the $2,500 fee. An emergency vote by the D.C. City Council could restore the Vermont senator’s ballot standing. The D.C. Board of Elections will discuss the issue this week, said D.C. Democratic Party Chairwoman Anita Bonds. But Bonds believes the delay will not be an issue. In each of the past four elections, she added, the names were submitted the next day with no problem. Several D.C. Council members described the debacle as sloppy, but the organization appears willing to make sure all candidates who filed their paperwork in good faith make the ballot. Sanders spokesman Michael Briggs said he believed it would work out in their favor: “We did what the D.C. law requires in order to get Bernie in the ballot, and we are confident he will be on the ballot.”