Berlusconi: 'I Am Not a Saint'

Silvio Berlusconi has a knack for stating the obvious, apparently. He told attendees at the unveiling of a construction project, "I am not a saint. Everyone understands that, we hope that our friends at La Repubblica will also understand that." La Repubblica is the Italian daily that released the tapes of Berlusconi's purported conversations with an escort, Patrizia D'Addario. True to form, Berlusconi also noted the "beautiful young girls" at the gathering. The lurid details of his conversations with D'Addario are still coming out. The latest: Berlusconi does not use condoms. The Italian prime minister's popularity is finally starting to show signs of decline amid the relentless embarrassments. D'Addario, for her part, is enjoying the publicity and did a racy photoshoot with a Spanish magazine, Interviu.