Berlusconi Divorce Showdown

Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi insists that his divorce is "a private matter," but according to The Times of London, there's something fishy in Rome. Apparently, Berlusconi's attendance at the 18th birthday party of model/showgirl Noemi Letizia was the last straw for Berlusconi's wife. Letizia said that she calls him “Papi” because he “brought me up” and “loves me like a daughter.” However, Letizia's mother and former beauty contestant Anna Letizia says she prefers not to explain “how, where and when" she met the prime minister. The Times adds that Veronica Lazio, Berlusconi’s wife “is also an astute — if hitherto discreet — political operator, who has expressed left-wing views that differ sharply from her husband’s on issues from the Iraq war to bio-ethics” and suggests that her entry into politics “could give the fractured and demoralized Left a badly needed boost.”