Bergdahl Kept in a Box for Two Years

According to Defense Department sources who spoke to Fox News, Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl was held in solitary confinement for two straight years while he was a prisoner of the Taliban. He was kept in a six-foot-by-six-foot metal box and only talked to his captors through the wall of the box. He did not see another human face for the entirety of that time and if he was ever taken out of the box, Bergdahl was hooded. This treatment apparently began as soon as Bergdahl tried to escape captivity, which he did twice as Kimberly Dozier reported. “His mental and physical state match this description—and we believe him from what we see,” an official said. During a press conference on Friday, Army officials said that Bergdahl, who is currently at an Army medical center in Texas, is in stable condition and working daily with health professionals, though there is no timeline for his reintegration.