Bear-Mauling Victim Survives 36 Hours

A man who had been mauled by a brown bear survived 36 hours in the remote Alaskan wilderness before being rescued on Friday, the Alaskan Air National Guard said. James Tuttle, who had been part of a guided hunting party, was attacked about 35 miles north Anaktuvuk Pass on Wednesday, and is now in stable condition at a Fairbanks hospital. Helicopter rescue teams made several attempts to find Tuttle, but had to turn around due to poor weather. Air National Guard had to land in a dense patch of brush, using night-vision goggles since it was the darkest part of the night and clouds settling in near the village—but they spotted a campfire and dropped flares to guide them to Tuttle. Details of the mauling—and how it was reported—are still murky.