Mercy Killing

BBC Host Smothered AIDS-Infected Lover

BBC broadcaster Ray Gosling admitted on air that using a pillow, he ended the life of his lover, who was suffering from AIDS. Gosling said that doctors told him there was nothing they could to save the man, or lessen his suffering. "I killed someone once," Gosling said in a documentary segment aired Monday. "He was a young chap, he'd been my lover, and he got AIDS... And in a hospital one hot afternoon, doctors said 'There's nothing we can do.' And he was in terrible, terrible pain. I said to the doctor, leave me just for a bit. And he went away. And I picked up the pillow, and smothered him until he was dead. The doctor came back. I said, 'He's gone.' Nothing more was ever said." Gosling said that the killing was an "agreement" between him and his lover. The admission is intensifying the assisted-suicide debate in the U.K., where mercy killings are illegal. In a press conference, Gosling said he would not cooperate with the police, regardless of whether that would put him in jail.