Hoop Dreams

Baylor Loses to Duke, 78-71

On Sunday Baylor University's Bears, in its strongest showing in the NCAA Championships in 60 years, faced off against the formidable No. 1 seed Duke Blue Devils, but failed to reach the Final Four. No. 3 ranked Baylor came into the game a true David to Duke's Goliath—Duke had 10 Final Four showings under its belt. Though the Bears played up their defense and had a narrow lead up until the last four minutes, Duke couldn’t be stopped. Baylor’s team was rocked by scandal in 2003 when player Carlton Dotson murdered fellow teammate Patrick Dennehy. Dotson is now serving 35 years in prison. Following the murder, Bears coach Dave Bliss was captured on tape painting Dennehy as a drug dealer. Bliss' successor, Scott Drew, was charged with the task of reviving the broken team, and looked to Duke in re-modeling the Bears' image. Duke goes on to play West Virginia on Saturday.