Batman Writer: Too Many White Directors

In an interview with The Daily Beast’s Jen Yamato, the writer behind Christopher Nolan’s popular Batman trilogy of films lamented that the film industry—especially the superhero subgenre—is lacking diversity. “I think the world would be a better place if more filmmakers were either female or came from more diverse backgrounds, because there are too many white male directors,” David S. Goyer said. “I was on the board of the Writers Guild and that was a big issue for us, sort of the chicken and the egg thing: How do we add more diverse voices, especially when the audience is so diverse? On the last show I was on, Constantine, I was very happy that close to half of our writing staff was either female or not white. That was something that we tried really hard to do. But females and minorities, they’re not represented in terms of the aggregate pot of writers and directors. It’s not 50/50 in terms of females. It’s a real problem.”