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Barbra Streisand's Intimate Show

Barbra Streisand’s much-anticipated show last night at New York’s Village Vanguard seems to have lived up to the expectations of even the most giddy of superfans: “It was like seeing the pope,” said one lucky concertgoer. The concert was part of the promotion for Streisand’s new album, Love Is the Answer, and marks the singer’s first time performing at the Vanguard since getting her start there 48 years ago. The 123-person venue was packed with VIP audience members including Sarah Jessica Parker and the entire Clinton family, but 74 of the audience members had won their tickets in a contest on Streisand’s Web site, enduring airtight security and harassment from other jealous fans in order to see their favorite singer live. The singer stuck to her classics including “The Way We Were,” and joked with the audience about the tiny space, saying “It’s hard to have stage fright when there’s hardly any stage.”