Banker Emails CEO to Give 200,000 Raise

A formerly unknown Wells Fargo employee is a hero after he emailed CEO John Stumpf for a $10,000 raise for him and his branch colleagues—and cc’ed 200,000 of his coworkers on the request. In his letter to the CEO, Tyrel Oates brought up Wells Fargo’s problem of income inequality. Noting that Stumpf made $19 million in 2013, he presented a way to raise every employee’s salary $10,000 a year. “My proposal is take $3 billion, just a small fraction of what Wells Fargo pulls in annually, and raise every employee’s annual salary by $10,000. This equates to an hourly raise about $4.71 per hour,” he wrote. “Think, as well, of the positive publicity in a time of extreme consumer skepticism toward banks.”