Bank Took Nazi Survivor’s Heirlooms

Wells Fargo did what the Nazis couldn’t: Stole a Jewish family’s possessions, according to a lawsuit. David Adier of New Jersey sued the bank for improperly foreclosing on their house and taking relics their father rescued from Europe after twice escaping the Nazis. According to Adier, while the family worked with the bank to get the assets in order, a third-party contractor hired by Wells Fargo came in and took several heirlooms, including their father’s journal detailing his escape during World War II. Multiple people were reported trespassing on the premises while the family was assured that the house would not be touched or classified as abandoned. “The banks hire third-party companies to do the dirty work,” Adier told Tablet Magazine. “They send the work order, and the company often hires a contractor or even a day-laborer. The police told me it’s not uncommon for these people to be told the house is abandoned, and they take whatever seems interesting.”