Bangladesh to Build Huge Refugee Camp for Rohingya

Bangladesh on Saturday announced plans to build a huge refugee camp for the 400,000 Rohingya Muslims who’ve fled violence in Myanmar over the past few weeks. Authorities say they will devote 2,000 acres of land along the border to 14,000 shelters, each able to accommodate six families. The settlements will be built within the next 10 days with help from international aid groups and the Bangladeshi military. Police said the Rohingya refugees will not be allowed to move freely outside of the camp, and they will be banned from traveling by vehicle. Since Myanmar security forces began a brutal crackdown on the minority community late last month, Rohingya refugees pouring into Bangladesh have wound up living on the streets, while other groups were left trapped in the mountains along the border with no food. The United Nations and other international rights groups have warned that Myanmar forces are carrying out ethnic cleansing against the Rohingya, while Myanmar has insisted it is only fighting back against terrorists.