Balloon Boy Dad Maintains Innocence

Richard Heene, father of Balloon Boy Falcon Heene, emerged from his Colorado home today to again announce that last week’s flying saucer incident was not a media hoax. Carrying a cardboard box, he asked reporters to submit their questions in writing, and said he would answer them again later tonight at 7:30. Heene also met investigators at the Sherriff’s office this afternoon. Authorities say police continue to believe the family’s story that they thought their son was accidentally on board the balloon when it came untied. Public skepticism fueled by Falcon’s statement in an interview Thursday that “we did this for a show,” convinced them to reopen an investigation. Heene, twice a participant on the reality show Wife Swap, has been trying to sell producers another reality show, called Richard Heene: Science Detective. It would be based on his eccentric family life. Police say the family’s emotional response and the fact that the boy’s “hyperactive” nature would make it difficult for him to hide quietly for five hours lead them to believe their story is true.