Bale Loses It

Christian Bale is known as an intense actor—as anyone who’s seen American Psycho can attest. But he took the intensity to another level on the Terminator: Salvation set last summer, ripping into the movie’s director of photography, Shane Hurlbut, for interrupting a scene. His profanity-filled outburst—“I want you off the set! You prick!” is the cleanest part of the audio—is now spreading like wildfire. “No, don’t just be sorry! Think for one f--king second! What the f--k are you doing? Are you professional or not?” Bale is heard screaming. Undaunted by the tape’s release, Bruce Franklin, an assistant director and associate producer on the film, tells E! News that Bale is a “consummate professional” who just had a bad day. “He is so dedicated to the craft,” says Franklin. “I think someone is begging to make some noise about this, but I don’t think it’s fair. The art of acting is not paint by numbers, it’s an art form.”