Baldwin Hides from Photogs

He's certainly no Casper. Alec Baldwin's latest tactic for spooking the paparazzi—and hiding from them? Dressing up like one unfriendly ghost. The actor was seen leaving his hotel draped in a sheet Wednesday, as onlookers watched him walk down Park Avenue and into his town car. “He must have just taken it from the room,” a spokeswoman for the hotel said. A few hours later, Baldwin emerged from the hotel again without the sheet and reportedly shoved his way through a throng of reporters while riding his bike on the sidewalk. The famously anger-challenged 30 Rock star made headlines Tuesday when he allegedly punched a paparazzo for taking his picture. Baldwin appeared on Charlie Rose to defend his actions Wednesday morning, saying he became angry because, “They almost hit me with the camera.” Here's hoping he pokes some eye holes in that sheet.