Bachmann Opposes Women’s History Museum

Rep. Michele Bachmann clarified that she is “pro-women” before encouraging fellow members of the House to vote “no” on funding a National Women’s History Museum to be built in D.C. Though Bachmann is actually honored in the museum’s online exhibit called “Profiles in Motherhood” for adopting 23 foster children, she is concerned that the website shows “overwhelming bias” towards women who embrace “liberal ideology, radical feminism.” The legislation to fund the museum “lacks the necessary safeguards to ensure the proposed museum will not become an ideological shrine to abortion that will eventually receive federal funding and a prominent spot on the National Mall,” Bachmann said on the House floor. “A no vote on the current legislation, which I advocate for, very simply, is a vote to stand up for the pro-life movement, a vote to stand up for traditional marriage, and a vote to stand up for the traditional family.”