AZ Police Lasso Rogue Emu

State troopers in Arizona found an emu running around on a major highway on Friday. The Arizona Department of Public Safety said authorities received a call about the animal running loose on Interstate 10 early Friday. The department quickly sent out a tweet warning people: “Wild day on I-10 west of Phoenix. Emu on the loose!!” Two state troopers responded and drove alongside the emu to prevent it from being hit by a car. The animal’s mad dash ended when an officer with the Arizona Department of Agriculture arrived and lassoed it. The emu was later reported to be safe. But how he got on the highway remains a mystery. “We do not know where the emu came from. I am unaware of any emu farm in that area and, I believe, the Phoenix Zoo is the nearest zoo,” Arizona Department of Public Safety spokesman Quentin Mehr told CNN.