Axelrod's 2010 Plan for Dems

David Axelrod says the White House’s strategy going into the 2010 elections will hinge on an improving economy, some legislation, and drawing a contrast between Democratic and Republican policy positions. Axelrod vowed the White House would not let the election turn into a referendum on his party, because it’s “almost impossible to win a referendum on yourself.” The Obama adviser said that the economy must add jobs for Democrats to do well, and will mobilize the base as well as draw out irregular and first-time voters by arguing the GOP wants to take the country backward economically. Democrats will also trumpet health care and push for financial-industry reform. "They want to stand with the insurance industry on health care and protect the status quo, then let them defend that in an election," Axelrod said. A Republican pollster said the chance of Dems turning the focus of the election to the GOP is “pretty unlikely.”