Health Care

Axelrod 'Welcomes' Repeal Fight

White House senior adviser David Axelrod would "welcome" a debate with Republicans about repealing the just-passed health-care reform legislation, he said on Charlie Rose Tuesday night. Referring to some of the bill's benefits that take effect quickly, Axelrod said, "It's a terribly difficult case they're going to have to make that all these good things that are going to happen, we're going to stop them from happening or we're going to take them away from you." As for the Senate supermajority-smashing election of Scott Brown in Massachusetts, Axelrod said the blow actually helped the bill by galvanizing support among more liberal Democrats who were wavering because they wanted the legislation to go further. Axelrod maintains that President Obama "never flagged," was "unrelenting," and "very cool about it" when he ran up against congressional barriers.