Avenatti: Tape Shows R. Kelly Asking for ‘14-Year-Old P*ssy’

Michael Avenatti has revealed details of a tape he says he’s handed to law enforcement, which he said shows R&B star R. Kelly saying to one of his alleged victims: “Show Daddy that 14-year-old pussy.” Avenatti—the lawyer who came to prominence while working with adult-film star Stormy Daniels on her case against Donald Trump—claims he has passed two incriminating videos of Kelly to law enforcement. He says the most recent video shows Kelly saying to the alleged victim, who is said to repeatedly refer to herself as being 14 years old, “give me that 14-year-old pussy,” “spread those legs and show me that 14-year-old pussy,” and “give me that 14-year-old booty hole.” Avenatti went on to claim that people close to Kelly tried to hide the video from prosecutors in connection with his 2008 trial, and alleges that Kelly paid witnesses to help an effort to destroy all copies of the tape. Kelly left a Chicago jail after posting a $100,000 bond on his million-dollar bail Monday evening.