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Autopsy: St. Louis Man Shot As He Fled

Vonderrit Myers Jr., the 18-year-old killed by an off-duty St. Louis police officer this month, was shot eight times, six times from behind, including a leg wound that would have felled him immediately, and he was shot while fleeing up a steep hill, an independent autopsy shows. The autopsy was conducted at Myers's family's request by Dr. Cyril H. Wecht, who investigated the deaths of President John F. Kennedy, Elvis Presley and JonBenet Ramsey. Wecht said Myers had seven leg wounds, including several with upward trajectories, and that the fatal wound was to the side of his face. A lawyer for the family said the findings show the police department's version of the shooting "does not match up." Police have said lab tests show Myers shot first at the officer and that he was found with a gun that matched to three bullets found on the ground. The officer's attorney, Brian Lillikan, said family lawyers' "interpretation" was not true and that Wecht's autopsy "is absolutely consistent" with what the officer told investigators. The shooting has sparked protests in St. Louis.