Who Knew?

Autopsy Reveals Jackson Was Healthy

A seemingly frail Michael Jackson may have had skeletons in his closet, but not much regarding his health, a recent autopsy report obtained by the Associated Press revealed Thursday. Though his arms, face, and neck were scarred—reportedly from plastic surgeries—his heart, kidneys and other major organs were allegedly normal for a 50-year-old man. When he died in June, Jackson’s most serious health issues were chronically inflamed lungs and arthritis in his lower spine, neither of which was serious enough to have directly caused death. The coroner’s office, which deemed Jackson’s death a homicide last month, concluded that he died from acute intoxication of the anesthetic propofol, as well as the two other sedatives (known as benzodiazepines). The report also reveals Jackson had tattooed eyebrows and lip liner, skin depigmentation, and could still produce sperm.