Tucker Carlson is a contributor to the Fox News Channel.  He previously hosted The Situation with Tucker Carlson and Tucker on MSNBC after working for CNN.

Why the White House Bullies Fox

The Obama team isn’t at war with Fox because it’s conservative. They’re angry because Fox has embarrassed them. Tucker Carlson on the press corps’ shameful silence.

Promises, Promises

The president’s speech was certainly hopeful and ambitious, but I must have missed the part where he explained how to restart the economy, create jobs, reduce the deficit, bring peace to the Middle East—and cure cancer.

The Real Reasons Caroline Didn't Make It

The real reason Caroline didn't get the job isn't taxes. It's that she antagonized liberal interest groups, offended the Clintons, and generally bungled the effort. Not that Gov. Paterson did any better: In the words of someone close to him, "he's incapable of the chess strategy required to think through what the consequences of anything might be two weeks from now."

The Case for Pardons

From Martha Stewart to anyone ever convicted by Eliot Spitzer, why Bush—the compassionate conservative—should be more liberal about letting felons off the hook.