Just How Toxic Is Richard Dawkins?

If you followed him on Twitter, you might think Dawkins was just a loudmouthed incendiary. Read his science writing and you encounter a brilliant mind. How do we reconcile the two?


The Nerdy Moses of Silicon Valley

Gordon Moore’s work with the miniaturization of silicon chips has made him one of the gods of the digital universe, but there’s a darker side to the man and the culture he epitomizes.

Some Utopia

Big Brother Is a Pain in the Neck

Orwell saw the state as the enemy, but maybe he never had trouble with his bank. The fact is, bureaucracy is baked into practically every aspect of our lives, and we hardly know it.

Who Will Save Us?

Stop Demonizing the Internet

Throwing stones at Silicon Valley is fun, but a tour of Andrew Keen’s flawed screed against the evils of Internet culture suggest that he’s looking to loathe in all the wrong places.