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Bill Kristol criticized the Fox News host’s Egypt coverage, and Rich Lowry and others are piling on. But the condemnations are unlikely to spread to the GOP mainstream—and favorites like Rush Limbaugh and Andrew Breitbart are two reasons why.

A little-noticed Homeland Security document reveals government plans to extend the controversial body scan beyond airports. Conor Friedersdorf on why Congress needs to stop virtual searches now.

Why didn't America's leading anti-immigration advocate check the status of his domestic workers? Conor Friedersdorf sorts out whether Dobbs is naive, dishonest, or lacks common sense.

Fresh off his spiritual rally, Beck has launched a crass commercial website that does nothing to advance the conservative cause. Conor Friedersdorf on why The Blaze is all heat and no light.

The blond bomb-thrower is now targeting neocons. Conor Friedersdorf on how her latest salvo on Afghanistan is changing the way the right talks about war.

As the right debates whether conservatives are too insular for their own good, Conor Friedersdorf calls out influential radio host and bestselling author Mark Levin for an unprincipled smear.