Aurora Shooting: Names of Victims Released

Police have identified the five people killed during a mass shooting at an Aurora, Illinois manufacturing plant on Friday. The Beacon-News reported that the victims were Clayton Parks, of Elgin; Russell Beyer, of Yorkville; Vicente Juarez, of Oswego; Trevor Wehner, of Dekalb; and Josh Pinkard, of Oswego. Authorities reportedly said that alleged shooter Gary Martin, who opened fire shortly after being terminated from Henry Pratt Company, illegally possessed the gun. Martin, who was ultimately killed during a shootout with area police, also wounded five officers during the attack. Aurora police reportedly arrested Martin on six prior occasions, including for allegations of domestic violence. In 1995, Martin was convicted of felony aggravated assault in Mississippi, the newspaper notes. Martin, 45, had filed an application to buy a handgun from an Aurora dealer in March 2014, as well as a concealed carry permit. After his conviction was revealed, his Illinois firearm identification card, required for legal gun possession, was revoked. His concealed carry request was denied, the newspaper notes.