Meanwhile In Iraq

Attacks in Baghdad Kill at Least 95

Exactly six years after the bombing of the U.N. complex in Iraq that killed Sergio de Mello, coordinated truck blasts struck across Baghdad Wednesday morning, killing at least 95 and wounding over 500. The blasts occurred mainly at government buildings—one near the finance ministry in the northern part of the city, another at the foreign ministry next to the Green Zone. Many of the explosions—which appear to have been linked—came from truck bombs, one of which damaged a nearby main highway. The bombings are the latest in a bloody month in Iraq—but the worst since the U.S. handover in June—and raise concerns about the ability of Iraqi forces to secure the country as American troops withdraw. Indeed, American forces were not authorized by Iraqi officials to help with rescue efforts. Iraq's prime minister has blamed Sunni insurgents for the attacks.