AT&T’s DirectTV Is Offering Refunds Over NFL Protests

AT&T’s DirecTV is offering refunds to some Sunday Ticket subscribers who are angry with the wave of national-anthem protests sweeping National Football League games, The Wall Street Journal reports. The regular policy for DirecTV’s Sunday Ticket prohibits refunds, but customer-service representatives have reportedly said they are making exceptions in light of the recent protests. The protests, which began last season to call attention to racism and police brutality, gained momentum last Friday after President Trump publicly condemned the practice and called for protesting NFL players to be fired. While DirecTV has not issued an official statement outlining its response, several customer-service representatives contacted by phone confirmed the new policy, with some saying a complaint against the protests is enough to get a full refund. Marc Hoffman, one subscriber interviewed by the Journal, said he received a refund of about $280 after calling simply to “make a point.”