At the Ballet With Boris Johnson

London Mayor Boris Johnson has taken on a task that may prove to be more challenging than repairing his city’s financial fabric: Making youths like ballet and opera. “Working class students may be steered towards popular culture like hip-hop, new media and film, on the basis that they will find older art forms like opera or ballet irrelevant,” a document issued by Johnson said. “This approach patronises young people and limits their horizons.” According to The Times of London, Johnson called on “arts chiefs to provide a wider variety of cultural opportunities for young people” and he is considering introducing an electronic swipe card for youths that will give them cheap entry to museums, theaters, and sports centers. “There are tough times ahead,” Johnson said, “but I am committed to helping the cultural sector cope. For it to flourish and for people to be creative, we need to be brave with funding and bold in our vision.”