At Least 90 Dead After Drinking Poisonous Bootleg Hooch in India

As many as 90 people are believed to have died after drinking home-brewed liquor that may have been laced with methanol, a substance used in anti-freeze, in two regions in northern India. The weekend deaths occurred in the regions of Uttar Pradesh and in Uttarakhand, where 32 people died after consuming bootleg hooch in a morning ritual, according to the Washington Post. Authorities believe the victims from Uttar Pradesh may have purchased the illegal bootleg liquor from a clandestine distillery in Uttarakhand, according to local news reports. In a separate incident, eight victims died in Uttarakhand after attending a festival where another batch of poisonous brew was reportedly served. Deaths from poisonous home-brewed liquor are not uncommon in India. In 2015, more than 1,500 men died from drinking poisonous alcohol. Most of the deaths occur in impoverished regions.