Aspiring Actress Solves Father’s Murder

Joselyn Martinez might want to consider giving up acting to pursue a career as a detective. After eight years and $280 in fees for Internet background-check sites, the 36-year-old star of the upcoming Web series Wives in the Heights tracked down the man who allegedly murdered her father in 1986 and delivered his phone number and address to the NYPD. Justo Santos was arrested and promptly confessed to the 26-year-old crime. “I applaud her,” N.Y.C. Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly said of Martinez’s detective work. “It’s admirable what she did. Obviously she made a concerted effort, and it paid off. We appreciate it.” But Martinez won’t be satisfied until Santos is brought back to New York. “Knowing the person my father was, I couldn’t live with myself if [Santos] stayed free,” she said. “I need to see him in New York to know this has really happened.”