Ashley Dupre's Rant

From the way she tells it, America has done Ashley Dupre a grave disservice. In the wake of the news that Eliot Spitzer is contemplating a return to politics, the escort-turned-R&B-singer who famously called him "Client No. 9" pointed out that "people are liars and hypocrites" for not giving her a second chance as well. On the hip-hop site Global Grind, Dupre points out that she's not the "woman who brought down the governor" because she didn't call the tabloids, "blow the whistle," or "save the dress." She didn't make any money off the scandal, she says, and she declined to pose for nude pictures "because I didn't want to perpetuate the problem or feed into the stereotype." Dupre also takes aim at book publishers for being "worse than the tabloids," explaining, "Sorry folks, my life wasn't like a Sex in the City episode," and admonishes the women who judged her to "get real and get over yourself."