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Artists Spray Paints Over Banksy’s Latest Graffiti

Britain’s leading graffiti artist, Banksy, got a taste of his own aerosol last weekend when spray-painting legend King Robbo retagged a wall Banksy recently painted over. On Christmas, just days after Banksy finished covering up a wall under the Camden Street Bridge that King Robbo graffitied 24 years ago, the master wiped out Banksy’s work by spelling out his name over it in three-foot high silver lettering. As graffiti history goes, Banksy and King Robbo had some reported bad blood, which the latter recounted in London Handstyles, a book published in 2009. “I was out one night with a load of old writers and got introduced to Banksy,” King Robbo said. “He asked what I wrote and I told him, he cockily replied ‘never heard of you’ so I slapped him and said, ‘You may not of heard of me but you will never forget me.’” But Banksy, whose works have sold for up to $460,000 on auction, might want to overlook this past Christmas when Robbo came out of retirement to reclaim the disputed wall, which is only accessible by water. “Down the canal in a wet suit on Christmas morning. ho ho ho,” Robbo wrote below the photographic evidence of his canned revenge that he posted on Flickr.