Art Garfunkel Has Read 1,181 Books Since 1968

David Bowie is getting all the attention for being a voracious reader with his “Top 100 Must Read Books” list, but in other news about musicians of a certain era and their reading habits, Art Garfunkel has been keeping track of every book he’s read since 1968. The 1,181-strong listing—which works out to two to three books a month for 44 years—is available on his website in year-by-year breakdowns, along with a list of 157 favorites. Compared with Bowie, Garfunkel leans more toward the classics, counting Tolstoy, Melville, Rousseau, Joyce, and Dostoyevsky among his favorite authors. Like the rest of the world, however, he’s not above reading some erotic Twilight fan fiction; the most recent addition to Garfunkel’s list of favorites is E.L. James’s 50 Shades of Grey.