Army Cracks Down in Mexico

When the drug cartels were at their most powerful in Juarez, Mexico, they forced the local police chief to step down by threatening to kill a cop every 48 hours he remained in power. Shortly thereafter, President Calderon fired the local police and sent in the army. Now, violence has plummeted as soldiers armed with heavy weapons and dressed in camo patrol the streets. They "write tickets, investigate domestic disputes, arrest drunks" and bust heads, according to the Washington Post. That might not be all, though, as many claim that the military sweeps up innocent people and beats them before turning them over to local authorities. Meanwhile, the army claims that traffickers have begun dressing up in military outfits to sow distrust among the populace. Regardless, the military's presence in Juarez will be felt long after they are gone: They are training the next generation of cadets that will form the new local law enforcement.