Are Obama Supporters MIA?

Barack Obama’s millions of activists and volunteers, who helped put the candidate in the White House last November, are struggling to regain their footing in the battle over health care. One man is responsible for making sure that happens: Jeremy Bird, the deputy director of Organizing for America and guardian of the 13 million email addresses Obama picked up during the campaign. "We need to flex our muscles on this, and we need to act fast," Bird told The Washington Post. "We always said in the campaign that this was not just about one election but about a chance to make some major changes. Well, here's the chance." Bird has organized visits to congressional offices, where volunteers have crowded waiting rooms, hoping to express to support for health-care legislation. He has also asked activists to head to as many town-hall meetings as possible, aiming to drown out, or at least equal, anti-reform voices at the events.