Mad Mel

Are Mel Gibson Tapes Edited?

Maybe he was preparing for a role as a sailor? RadarOnline has released another audio clip Thursday morning of Mel Gibson calling ex-girlfriend Oksana Grigorieva a “bitch, c---, whore, gold digger,” but the actor’s lawyers are claiming they have “concrete forensic evidence” that the tapes have been tampered with and edited, according to TMZ. In Radar’s fifth tape, Gibson also claims that he doesn’t “have any f------ money,” blaming Grigorieva for his alleged financial situation. “I gave you shit,” he reportedly yells. “You gave me nothing but f------ grief!” If Gibson’s lawyers’ accusations are true, the tapes would not be allowed in court. The recordings would also have to be authenticated by the Los Angeles County sheriff’s department to be admitted as evidence. Grigorieva’s lawyers say they’re unaware of what Gibson’s lawyers might be presenting to the sheriff’s department, but told TMZ, “We are not surprised they would make such unfounded claims.” Her lawyers will be in court Thursday asking for Gibson’s custody rights to their daughter to be revoked, using the tapes as evidence. A forensic audio expert on NBC's Today show Thursday said the tapes had not been edited.