Apple to Release Two New iPhones

AT&T’s stranglehold on the U.S. iPhone market could be about to loosen, much to the carrier’s chagrin. Apple is reportedly preparing to unveil a new iPhone that would allow other providers to sell it as soon as this year, says The Wall Street Journal. Currently, iPhones work on a network called GSM, which is AT&T’s technology of choice. But the new phones would operate on a CDMA wireless network, which is used by Verizon, Sprint Nextel, and several other providers in many countries including South Korea and Japan. The new wave of phones could trigger a major shift in a smart-phone market dominated by AT&T—it has over 43 percent of all smart-phone customers in the United States , compared with Verizon’s 23 percent. This summer, Apple will also release an updated version of the current model. It is expected to be thinner and come with a faster processor.