Too Far

Anti-Obama Stickers Get Racist

Bumper stickers have long been a common way for drivers to show opposition or support for political candidates. But a viral Facebook photo has made it clear that some racist stickers are being used to express disdain for the current president. The photo that has made the rounds Friday shows the Obama campaign logo with a red line drawn through it next to the message, "Don't Re-Nig In 2012" over smaller text that says, "Stop repeat offenders. Don't re-elect Obama!" The sticker has been traced back to a website called Stumpy's Stickers--which now seems to have been dismantled. Huffington Post managed to get its hands on some other offensive stickers before the site became a 404 error, including one with an "Obama '12" banner above a monkey in a suit as well as a cartoon of Ku Klux Klan members with the message, "The Original Boys In The Hood."