Another Trump Accuser Comes Forward

Another woman has come forward and accused Donald Trump of unwelcome sexual advances. Cathy Heller said in comments to The Guardian that Trump grabbed her and tried to kiss her 20 years ago. When she wriggled away, he said, “Oh, come on” before holding her and kissing her on the lips despite her obvious objections. Heller says the incident took place in 1997 at a Mother’s Day brunch at Trump’s Mar-A-Lago estate. When Heller was introduced to Trump, he “took my hand, and grabbed me, and went for the lips,” she alleges. “And then he just walked away,” she said. Another person who was seated with Heller at the table that day confirmed the incident to The Guardian, and a friend said Heller had told her about the encounter by email. “I remember she was really freaked out,” the friend said. Heller’s account is eerily similar to Trump’s own admission in a 2005 that he “just starts kissing” women and doesn’t “even wait.” Heller came forward now, she said, because she believes the other accusers and wants to show that Trump’s actions are not “just talk,” as he has tried to claim.